John R. Emmons

Sr. Staff Machine Learning Scientist at Tesla Autopilot

john emmons headshot

Links: Github, Linkedin

Recent news (June 1st, 2021):

I dropped out of my PhD! I currently lead a team of talented scientists and engineers at Tesla Autopilot AI. We are the brains behind Autopilot's camera only 3D perception system in urban environments.

Research interests:

My research interests are broadly at the intersection of computer systems and computer vision. My current work focuses on building low-latency systems for 3D object detection.

Biographical sketch:

Until recently, I was a PhD student at Stanford University studying computer science (co-advised by Keith Winstein and Silvio Savarese). During my undergrad, I participated in the engineering dual degree program between Washington University in St. Louis and Drake University. I have an MS degree in computer science and three BS degrees in (1) computer engineering, (2) electrical engineering, and (3) computer science, mathematics, and physics (triple major).

In my spare time, I run long-distance road races, competing mostly in marathons and half marathons.